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Leila inched closer towards the ethereal blue light, a look of awe and curiosity on her face. As she neared it, she could spot a large menacing statue. Below, she could see a small pool of clear liquid. Several small plants surrounded the pool, illuminating the area with that blue light that enchanted her so.

As she arrived at the pool, Leila peered at the large imposing statute. In the dim light, she could barely identify the statue’s details. The vague canine-like face was stared stoically towards a long tunnel in at the far end of the room, fangs bared as if intimidating something. Leila ran her fingers over the statue’s chest, mesmerized at the diligently carved lines and curves.

She slowly ran her fingers up the statue, finally resting underneath the statue’s mouth. The statue felt warm to the touch, like the warm belly of a cat. Up close, the statue towered over her, large and imposing like a lion. A faint glint of red flashed in her vision for a moment. She twisted her head towards the mouth of the statue, her eyes wide and curious.

A small red gem, small enough to fit in the palm of her hands, lay innocently in the statue’s gaping mouth. It shined a faint red colour, pulsing with an unknown energy. Leila stared wondrously at it, craning her neck to get a clearly view of the stone.

“Doc, what are you doing?” Lana’s inquisitive voice shattered the silence.

Leila’s heart practically exploded, as she whirled around, eyes wide.

“Dammit, you scared the shit outta me.” She huffed. She took a moment to breathe deeply, before pointing at the statue’s mouth. “There’s a red rock up there. It looks cool so I wanna get it.”

Lana blinked. “You’re shitting me right? Whatever, I found the exit by the way.” Raising a claw, she pointed at the tunnel on the far end of the room.

Leila followed her claw, and smiled. “That’s awesome! Let’s go in a sec, I just wanna grab this rock.”
Ignoring the incredulous look on Lana’s face, Leila turned her attention back toward the statue. She stood on her toes once more, and raised her arms. Stretching, she managed to grip onto the two lower fangs of the statue’s mouth. Oddly, a wave of warm air washed over her hands, like exhaled breath from a living creature.

Unfazed, Leila released her grip on a stone fang, and ran her around across the tongue of the statue. Her hand bumped against a small round object after a few moments. She snatched it, and released her grip on the statue. She dropped to the floor, her prize clutched tightly in her hand.

A smile on her face, she peered at the pebble. It was deep red in colour, with a faint glow emanating from it. The gem was round, and extremely smooth to the touch, like an expertly cut diamond. In the light of her lantern, faint strands of light shined through it, hued the deep red colour of the gem.
A cough snapped Leila from her trance. She snapped her head up, into the expectant gaze of Lana, who was standing in front of her with her arms crossed.

“You got your rock right? Let’s go.” Lana grumbled. She turned on her heel and began to walk away, only to bump into something. The object was large and muscular, as well as tall, taller than even her. A pair of rough and strong white gloves reached out suddenly, and grabbed onto her shoulders. They shoved her away, and she went stumbling onto the floor with a grunt.

“I’ll have to thank you two wonderful ladies. You’ve really been a big help on our endeavor by finding the rock and retrieving it for us.” There was a pair of heavy footsteps, pounding forcefully against the hard stone. Then, from the darkness out of the reaches of the flickering lantern, did the sneering face of Adrian appear.

Rustling sounded from behind her for a fleeting moment. Leila’s ears perked up, twitching left and right like a deer being tracked by a fox. She reached for her gun at her hip, feeling a sense of safety with her hand wrapped around the handle. As she prepared to pull the weapon from its holster, a sharp metallic sensation pressed against her neck.

“I’m sorry Leila, but orders and all that.” Regret laced Szlor’s voice, as he pressed the dagger harder against her throat.

Leila winced, as the sharp dagger dug at her throat. Her ears twitched again, as the sound of a harsh piercing voice. Out of the corner of her eye, she could spot a tall woman clad in red, a gun in hand, standing over her grounded companion. Leila couldn’t see the woman’s expression through her thick shades, but that simply made her more terrifying, as she pointed her gun at Lana.

“Get on the fucking ground or I’ll shoot you dead.” She growled.

The sound of Adrian chuckling snapped Leila back to attention. “Calm down Savage, you can’t kill them yet.” He stepped towards Leila, a falsified smile on his face. He bent down, staring at her unblinkingly with his large draconian eyes. The sneer on his face returned.

“Now be a good little girl, and give me the gem.”

Suddenly, a deep feral growl pierced the cold air. It echoed deep in the ears of all, reverberating through their entire being.

“You dare steal the stone, mortal?” The words rang in everyone’s mind, deep and berating. “I will kill you.”

There was a rush of air from behind Leila. A massive leonine-like figure rushed over her head, roaring. The room ignited into bright light, as the creature ignited into massive flames. Leila watched in awe, as the blazing creature tackled Adrian to the floor. The sharp metallic sensation on her neck disappeared, as she just barely caught Szlor’s blurred form rush past her towards the scuffle of lion-like roars and human growls. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the woman known as Savage rush towards the debacle, gun raised.

Leila bolted, skidding to a halt by Lana’s side.

“Lana! Get up, we’re leaving!!” She yelled, grabbing Lana’s arm.

Through the constant blaring of gunshots and roars, Leila could hardly hear Lana. She saw her move her mouth, and hastily climb to her feet. That was all she needed.

The two bolted, their hearts pounding in their chests. Through the exit tunnel they went, the sharp pops of gunfire and the leonine roars fading away behind them. Their eyes were wide, constantly staring yearningly at the bright light at the end of this long tunnel. Their lungs burned, as they heaved and gasped for air. The wind rushed through their ears, howling as they ran.

The cool chill of the cave air slowly faded away, morphing into warm humidity once more. Hard stone turned to soft mud. The empty silence of the cave was shattered, filling with the chitter-chatter of jungle animals. Their eyes, so accustomed to the dim light of the cave, were swiftly shut in the bright light of the sun.

They slowed to a halt, huffing and puffing. Leila collapsed onto the cool soft mud, her lungs burning. She stared up at the tree canopy, relishing in the strands of light streaming into her eyes. In her clenched hand lay the red gem, glowing mysteriously. She raised it towards the heavens, and stared at it in wonder. Through her gasps of air, she laughed.

“Holy crap, we made it.”
If a computer was capable of feeling annoyance, then Trojan was overdosed on it right now. In the beginning of this ill-advised venture to an unnamed island, he had been grouped with Leila, a wonderful medic, Lana, a wonderful musclehead, and some Dedenne shmuck. A good distance into the feral jungle that covered at least 90% of this forsaken land, he witnessed the Dedenne become a massive Seviper’s dinner, lost Leila amidst the greenery, and lost sight of Lana because she was an idiot and decided to rush ahead.


The tropical jungle around him was teeming with fauna, loud chirps and squeaks drowning out the faint whir of his levitation. The air around him was heavy and thick, the humidity heating up his interior. He felt hot and bloated all over, sweat beading on his skin underneath his thick attire. It was quite the brilliant idea to wear his usual ostentatious attire into a tropical jungle. A thick trench coat, a pair of dress pants, and a blazer was most definitely the proper attire for an expedition such as this. Absolutely ingenious.

This brush was thick, enormous bushes towering over him. Their enormous leaves obscured the already faint path in front of him like thick green curtains. The mud beneath him was no obstacle however, his levitation thankfully keeping him just out of reach from the viscous quicksand-like mud.
The infinite expanse of green around him offered no aid in direction. Everything simply appeared identical, from the thick towering trees, to the exotic bushes and its enormous leaves. Not even a feral animal made its appearance.

In fact, the only thing that signified that this land even had living creatures on it was the constant droning of wild screeched and cries. The seemingly infinite journey through this untamed land brought a lot of time to muse.

He could not help but wonder: Were there even enemy soldiers stationed on this island?

The only guardians he had seen throughout this entire Arceus-forsaken journey were his own allies. To be truthful, he could not help but wonder if Fire and Water had led them astray. Perhaps the enemy had fed them false information, just to divert Earth’s and Air’s manpower to a desolate tropical jungle? It was not a farfetched idea in his computerized mind. Throughout his historical readings, these methods were used by warring nations, and the thing is, these methods actually work.

Trojan huffed. The humidity was suffocating. With a dulled thought, he pulled up the HUD installed in his eyes. With a flick of his eyes, he pulled up a temperature reading of his body. The result was not encouraging. The holographic image of a human figure glowed bright orange all over, with the torso radiating an angry red colour. He could see a small alert at the corner of his vision. ‘Alert: Body Temperature Increasing’ it said in large red letters.

He sighed.

Biological sweat was not enough to keep his body from overheating. This was an unfortunate side effect of having computerized components installed inside you. He cursed his creators for neglecting to install a cooling system inside him. He could install it himself, as it was not inconceivable, but he still had not found a method to install such a large physical component without accidentally killing himself.

Oh the limitations of what one can do alone.

With another flick of his yellow eyes, the temperature readings disappeared. Further heating would probably not bode well with his components, and engaging in physically strenuous activities would not be good. Reducing energy consumption was of the utmost priority at the moment, and one of the biggest energy consuming processes he had was levitation.

He slowly lowered himself to the floor, the whirring of his levitation slowly dying away. The damp ground beneath him squelched to accommodate the sudden weight. Trojan peered at the dirt, and shook his head at the splotched of wet dirt smearing the plain white leather of his boots. He would much rather take an hour of cleaning over crashing due to overheating. The latter would be disastrous.

He felt slightly cooler for a few moments after he shut down his levitation. However, that relief soon faded away into suffocating heat thanks to the hellish humidity.

“The sooner I leave this hell, the better.” He muttered, displaying a rare case of him talking to himself aloud.

He continued on foot, each step slow and deliberate. Sweat poured down his face in droves, as the sickeningly warm air around him thickened. The thickets of fauna around him seemed to thin down, the elephantine leaves parting aside to reveal a crude path through the jungle.

With no other leads as to where he was going, he grudgingly followed the path. The towering canopy thinned as he continued, allowing thin streams of light to penetrate into the dim forest floor. Moments later, he pushed aside of pair of massive green leaves to tumble into a vast clearing.

He stood in awe, glancing up at the bright streamers of sunlight peeking through the thin canopy. Turning his head, he peered in wonder at the towering trees surrounding the clearing. They were massive size, pillaring towards the heavens like skyscrapers. His eyes glowed brightly for a moment, him scanning them for a brief moment. The sloppy mud beneath his dirty boots was no more, and was now replaced by cool green blades of wild grass. He took a deep breath, the air around him no longer sickeningly humid, instead being soothingly cool.

He tentatively stepped forward, the grass crunching softly underneath his feet. The clearing was silent, devoid of even the cries of wild animals. Trojan’s eyes whirred, as he panned his eyes around the seemingly empty clearing.

A beep sounded in his head, his ears registering a faint pitter-patter sound in the distance. Trojan twisted his head in the direction of the sound, his eyes scanning the area.

He saw nothing.

The glow in his eyes faded as he shut down his visual scanners, before a frantic beep blared in his head. He turned his head towards back towards the area where he sensed the sound.

For a moment, he spied a yellow blur screaming towards him. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a small fist smashed into his chest. His chest throbbed as he reeled into the air. The air rushed in his ringing ears, as the clearing around him dimmed into green hazes. The cool grass greeted him with a smack, as he crunched into the dirt back first. He skidded to a stop, his ears still ringing from the impact to his chest.

He stared at the light streaming into the clearing, his vision hazy and unfocused. Through the fading ringing in his ears, he heard the soft crunches of footsteps on the grass nearby.

Then, it stopped. A woman’s voice, a melodious heavenly voice pierced the tranquility of the clearing.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here? A little lost Earth soldier…” The voice cooed in a sickeningly sweet voice.

His chest throbbing, he slowly raised his head, blinking blearily. His hazy vision slowly focused in the feminine figure before him. A pair of piercing yellow eyes stared back at him, filled with arrogance and glee. A sassy smirk tugged at the woman’s pale face, as if saying she was victorious, and he was the loser. Long, electric yellow locks poked and pricked at his face, making him blink and squirm ever so slightly. Large yellow ears poked out from the top of the woman’s head, twitching back and forth. A warm metallic sensation poked at his neck, as he gazed stoically into the woman’s eyes. He twitched his eyes downwards, and spied a small pistol in her hand, muzzle pointed at his neck.

His eyes whirred faintly, as he ran brief scans on the woman standing over him. His heart skipped a beat, as he could see the lethal amounts of electricity coursing through the woman’s body.

‘Bugger.’ He thought. ‘Jolteon.’

“So, Noriko, what do ya say we should do to him?” The Jolteon asked, turning towards someone behind her.

Trojan could barely crane his neck towards the one named Noriko, but there was no need to. The name was strikingly familiar, sending shock through him like his Taser.

‘Why am I surprised? I’ve always known she was of an enemy kingdom….’ He mused, as he continued to stare into the Jolteon’s eyes.

“C’mon, just leave him be. We gotta get to that stone before the enemy gets there.” Trojan raised an eyebrow as he could sense small bits of fear lacing Noriko’s voice.

“Maaaan, Noriko, ya such a buzzkill. Let’s have a little fun!” The Jolteon berated, shoving her gun harder against Trojan’s neck. “Yo, Xiongmao! Whuddaya think?”

Trojan winced slightly at the force on his neck, as he craned his head. A few meters behind the Jolteon stood a massive man, dressed in thick red cloaks and an Oriental straw hat. Through the shadow of the man’s hat was a small piece of bamboo, held in place by the man’s pursed lips. He replied with a simple grunt.

‘Pangoro.’ Trojan thought darkly. The situation was grim at the moment. The statistics he quickly ran through his mind offered no consolation.

His thoughts were interrupted by the Jolteon’s voice once more.

“Alright, I’ll take that as a yes!” She turned back towards Trojan, reaching her empty hand to her back. “I call dibs on his skull….”

Horror slowly boiled through his being as he watched the Jolteon pulled out a terrifyingly long knife. The gleaming metal glistened in the streaming light, the sharp edges seemingly shuddering with the excitement of spilling his blood. His eyes widened as she lowered the knife blade, and placed it at his neck.

“Shhh….now shut your eyes…I’ll make it quick...” She cooed, as if she was ironically a mother trying to placate her child. “Shut your ey-“

“BUCKSHOT!!!” Heavy footsteps rocked the ground like an earthquake, as someone came running out of the brush. The Jolteon looked up, her eyes filled with confusion, only to see a pair of sharp antlers smash into her gut.

Trojan watched in awe as the Jolteon flew through the air like a ragdoll, her screams slowly fading away as she flew deep into the jungle. He turned his head back towards his saviour, staring in surprise and somewhat awe.

The newcomer straightened up and stretched his neck. The man’s messy hair clumped around his tall antlers, and his tall figure towered over Trojan. Small ears could be seen, twitching and turning like a deer on high alert. The man leaned down over Trojan’s fallen form, and lowered a hand.
“Need some help?” He asked, his eyes somewhat bored.

Trojan stared at the man for a moment, unmoving. The man was unfamiliar, his bored expression rather. With a reluctant slowness, Trojan grabbed the man’s outstretched arm, and pulled himself to his feet.
The man smiled slightly. “My name’s Guy. Saw you surrounded by these fire douchebags, so I decided to just stop by and help.”

“Thank you.” Trojan answered shortly, brushing the dirt off his blue trench coat.

“No problem. I’ll be glad to help you out a bit. Let’s see, Uzek should be popping in in three…two…one…”

At that moment, a mighty roar shattered the silence in the clearing. Trojan jumped slightly, quickly turning his head to the Pangoro. A gash of red manifested on his chest, red blood gushing from the wound. A smaller green form stood in front of the larger injured guardian, a small sword in his hand.
“Hey, there’s Uzek.” Guy smiled slightly. “So you wanna take care of the Zorua?” He turned to where Noriko was standing. Instead, he only saw a small depression in the long grass. “Well, she’s gone. I’m gonna leave that to you, alright? “

Trojan nodded, still saying nothing. Perhaps he would be able to avoid Noriko completely? That would be preferable. Turning on his heel, he started towards the thick dimness of the jungle. Suddenly, at the edge of the clearing, a sensation of his hairs standing on end made him stop. He turned around, bamboozled by the odd sensation, to glance at Guy.

The crackling of electricity echoed through the clearing. A dark shadow hovered over Guy, as he looked around confused. He looked up, only to see an ominous purple storm cloud hover over him.
“Oh deer.“ Guy gulped.

A thundering clap burst the calm air, as a wicked bolt of electricity blasted from the storm cloud. It struck Guy with a vengeance, charring the grass around him. The smell of charcoal and burning filled the cool air, as smoke billowed from smoldering grass into the sky. An angry scream echoed throughout the clearing, as a yellow streak whizzed across the field. With a fury only hell knows, the Jolteon tackled Guy, fangs bared and crackling with electricity.

Trojan took the incentive, and bolted into the thick jungle. He leapt over fallen rotting logs, through thick mud, and past curtains of leaves. Around him, he could hear the pitter-patter of footsteps and the rustling of leaves.

He slowed his sprint to a halt, dropping onto the cold wet dirt. The mud seeped into his pants, and was cold against his skin. The faint footsteps around him faded away, leaving only the faint sound of rustling leaves and chirping of wildlife. He huffed, wiping away the beads of sweat on his forehead.


The piercing voice shattered the all too brief tranquility, as a small black blur rushed towards his kneeling form. He could not move. He could not will his muscles to move, not even an inch. In seemingly slow motion, a small fist slammed into his chest. He winced, his ears ringing faintly, as he splashed into the mud once more.

He slowly pushed himself to his knees, his arms trembling ever so slightly. He raised his head, his eyes flashing dangerously, towards the woman clad in black standing over him.

She held his Taser in her hand, her body trembling slightly. She pointed the Taser at his head, a look of reluctance dancing in her eyes.

“Noriko.” Trojan muttered.

“Trojan.” She answered, shifting her eyes. “Hey, no hard feelings about this, but, you know, enemy kingdoms.”

Trojan said nothing. He lowered his head once more, as if submitting to her. Inside his mind, he was laughing. How glorious. Did she really think she could disable him with his own weapon? Silly little mortal. A smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth. Glee danced across his eyes, as he eagerly waited for Noriko to pull the trigger.

She did just that. However, the sound of electrified probes bursting from their cartridges never came. Instead, a faint click echoed through the trees. Trojan smirked, slipping his hands behind his back. He focused what little energy he had left into the air behind him. The sensation of chilling air, intense heat, and tingling electricity sent satisfying shivers up his arms, as he wrapped his hands around the yellow and red one. Trojan looked up, spying Noriko’s look of utter bewilderment.

“Safety is on my dear Noriko.” He smirked, pulling his hands from behind his back. “Now do me a favour.”

He squeezed the orbs in his hands, his left hand igniting into flames and his right hand exploding into crackles of electricity. The third freezing orb hovered above him, pulsing with ice cold energy.


He charged, his feet barely hitting the ground. The distance between the two closed in a flash, as Trojan pulled back his flaming fist, ready to drive it deep into her face. Noriko scoffed, unintimidated by the charge. She ducked, Trojan’s flaming fist whizzing over her head, and dove through his legs. She released the Taser from her grasp, it rattling against the mud. She continued to slide over the slick mud, putting distance between the two. She rolled back onto her feet, pulling her hook-and-chain from her jacket.

Trojan whirled around, a fire dancing in his eyes. With a mechanical whir, he pointed his electrified fist at Noriko. His frozen orb pulsed once, before flying at Noriko like a bullet.

Noriko ducked, the orb flying over her head. There was a blast of cracking ice, the tree behind her impaled on a large icicle. She stared incredulously at Trojan, dread beading inside of her. She clutched her hooks tightly, and slowly lowered her body towards the slick mud. With a growl, she launched herself forward, charging bullishly through the thick air.

Trojan stared. She was blinding fast, his vision reducing her to a black blue. He could barely maintain a lock on her, as he tried to aim the two pulsing orbs in his hands at her. As the distance between the two disappeared, Trojan hastily thrust his hand forward, the crackling yellow orb in it launching forward like a bullet.

Almost automatically, Noriko spun to her right, twisting her body out the path of the orb. It whizzed past her, the electrical energy barely grazing her jacket. Unfazed, she continued her charge. She pulled back her hooks, readying a blow to his chest.

His eyes flashing, he raised his flaming fist, the orb within blazing with conviction. He thrust it forward as Noriko rushed towards him. A muffled ‘oof’ resonated through the trees, as the sensation of fist against stomach sent shockwaves rippling through his arm. At the same time, a searing pain shot through his left shoulder, the sound of tearing flesh echoing in his ears.

He clenched his teeth, trying desperately to block out the pain in his shoulder. Through his blurring vision, he could see Noriko fly back, her gut smoldering. She hurled through the air, and, with a faint crunch, smashed against the trunk of a tree. She slumped over with a faint groan, her hooks clanging onto the ground. In the dim light, he could barely make out fresh red blood on one of them. He placed his hand on his throbbing shoulder, instinctively cringing at the warmness gushing from the wound.

He slowly dropped to his knees, clutching his shoulder tightly. Warm blood seeped through his fingers, painting his hand red. He slouched over, clenching his eyes shut. He had not felt something like this in years, this painful sensation. He felt light-headed, his vision blurring in and out of focus. His heartbeat thumped like drums in his head, quickening with each second.

As his vision began to fade in and out of blackness, he could see a familiar pair of antlers tower over his fallen form. He glanced up, the beaming eyes of Guy gazing into his own. He felt Guy’s hands pull him to his feet, as he pulled his uninjured arm over his shoulders.

Through the ringing in his ears, he heard Guy grunt.

“I’m getting you out of here.”

As Trojan’s world slowly faded to darkness, his own voice echoed in his ears.

“Thank you friend.”
Requiem Signs Mission 1: Trojan
Apologies if I didn't nail down your character's personality. I tried.

3,174 words = I don't know, it's up to the admins.


Trojan Requiem Signs Character Application: Trojan Jolteon-of-Doom
Uzek RS - Uzek Aeronwy ZealithSeribii
Guy RS: Guy Beckon Jesi-Jess
Noriko RS: Noriko Maki Application sakuraluvsuall
The dark shadows of the towering stalagmites writhed and twisted in the flickering light of the shining lantern. The cavern was musty, the air cold and moist against her skin. Ominous creaks reverberated through the empty rock halls, echoing on and on. The cavern seemed forlorn, absent of the usual Zubats.

Leila sat cross-legged on the cold hard floor, a biscuit in her hand. A few feet away was her wonderful ally, Svetlana, in which she conveniently dropped in on. The Zangoose was staring forlornly at the flickering lantern sitting between them. She was dressed in standard issue military attire, consisting of camouflaged shirt, vest and pants. She was visibly battered from head to toe, with scratches and cuts marring her face. Her attire was ripped and torn, as if something viciously attempted to shred her to ribbons. Her left arm was also wrapped in a crude splint.

Indeed, when Leila had dropped in, she had landed quite awkwardly on Lana’s arm, which was simply sitting underneath the gaping hole in the earth. Unsurprisingly, the arm was quite broken. Thankfully, Leila was a trained doctor, and was able to set the bone back into position and wrap it in a hastily created splint.

Leila, in a way, was incredibly thankful to fall into that blasted hole, as it allowed her to reunite with her musclehead of a comrade. At the same time, she was also kicking herself for leaving Lana with the majority of the supplies they had with them. The moment the two recomposed themselves, Leila dived for the canteen that had once belonged to a Dedenne guardian and chugged the entirety of the water inside.

The initial lack of light inside the cavern was also rather disturbing. Thankfully, Lana had a lantern in her possession, which was now being used to bring light into the dark musty caverns.

At the moment, the two silently sat around the glowing lantern. Leila spared a look at Lana, staring inquisitively at the other’s depressive expression.

“Svetlana, you alright?” She asked concernedly.

“My arm’s broken and I’m stuck in a cave with you. I’d say I’m just peachy.” Lana grumbled, sarcasm dripping in droves in her voice.

Leila sighed. Lana had been in a rather foul mood since she popped in. Understandable, since she had been stuck in a cave alone for who knows how long. But things needed to be done.

“Ya know, sitting there moping and throwing pissy fits isn’t gonna get us out of here.” Leila berated. She reached for the lantern. “Now I’m gonna go exploring real quickly, see if we can find a way out. You can do whatever, just don’t die.”

With that, Leila stood up, and started down a long cavernous corridor. Shadows of many stalagmites and stalactites eerily crawled and writhed in the flickering light of her lantern. Her ears twitched with each echoing footstep of hers, each piercing the silence of the cavern. Behind her, she heard another pair of echoing footsteps. She looked back, and spotted the taller form of Lana trailing a few feet behind her.
A hint of a smile appeared on Leila’s face.

“Didn’t want to be alone, did ya?” She chimed, her voice resonating against the damp cave walls.

There was a dejected sigh from behind her.

“I thought so.” Leila chuckled, starting off once more.

The duo continued in silence down the long ominous corridor. Only the light patting sounds of their boots against stone and the occasional drop of cave water rippled through the air. The atmosphere seemed tense, drenched with apprehension. The silence was unnerving; no squeak, screech, or even flap of a bat’s wing could reach the duo’s ears.

At every fork and turn on their expedition, Leila led the charge, choosing the direction to travel in. Yet, the cave seemed to extend infinitely, each turn leading to another seemingly darker tunnel. Everything melted into the same grey hue, every stone, every rock formation, every mark on the wall dissolving into bland sameness.

As the duo passed one of the infinite stalactites of the cave, Lana stopped. A look of annoyance marred her face, masking the apprehension plaguing her beneath.

“We passed this rock already.” She grumbled.

Leila stopped, and turned to look at the stalactite.

“What are you talking about? We definitely didn’t pass this one.” She responded.

Lana growled. “I don’t know about you, but I’ve been staring at every damn rock in this cave, and I know that we passed this rock. Do you even know where you’re going?”

Leila bristled in annoyance. “Well I don’t see you asking to lead the way. You were sitting back at the hole moping!”

“Okay then!” Lana growled, her voice rising. She snatched at the lantern, her eyes flashing dangerously. “How about I lead for a bit then, since you probably don’t even know where we’re going?!”

“Please! You probably don’t have enough brain cells for that!” Leila snarled, yanking the lantern out of arm’s reach.

Lana seethed. With her uninjured Zangoose arm, she grabbed Leila’s collar, and yanked her into the air.

“Listen you walking blowjob, you don’t wanna mess with me! I don’t give a rat’s ass if you’re in the same kingdom with me, but we’re alone here, and I can kill you right here right now if I wanted to!” She ranted.

“Ohohoho! Tough words for a little girl like you!” Leila jeered. “Go ahead! Kill me! Let’s see if you have the guts to do it!”

Lana shuddered, writhing in anger. Her eyes pulsed with a red fire. She raised her splinted arm, and shakily clenched it into a fist. Tears threatened to burst from her eyes, her arm hurt so much. But she would punch this bitch’s cocky face in. She would do it without batting an eye. She would. She would definitely.

But she didn’t. She simply stood there, glaring at Leila with a fiery anger. Her fist shook harder, and harder. Her own body shivered, anger bursting through her humanity.

Finally, with a roar that reverberated through the entire cave, she threw Leila, shoving her into the air. Leila crashed against the hard cave floor with a grunt, a soft crunch rippling through the cool air.

Then, with a roar, Lana curled her Zangoose claws into a fist, and, with the power of dynamite, slammed it against the cave wall.

Leila watched from the floor, amusement washing over her face. She slowly pushed herself to her feet, rubbing her hip. She laughed jeeringly.

“Ha, I knew you couldn’t do it. What a coward. All talk, and no—“

Lana pulled back her clawed fist once more, rage spilling over her in droves.

“Shut up you bitch!” She growled. “You don’t know what I’ve been through!”

With all her rage and anger behind it, she threw her punch. It slammed against the stone wall, sending faint shockwaves through the air. The stone cracked, minute fissures spreading from her punch. The wall shook, pebbles dropping from the ceiling. Then, with a thundering crash, the wall collapsed, throwing up dust clouds and small rocks into the air.

Lana coughed, waving her arms in front of her face, trying to get the dust away from her. The crash still echoing in her ears, she backed away from the wall. She collapsed onto the ground, her chest pounding.

Light clapping echoed through the air. Lana turned her head towards the source, her rage diminished. Leila stood there, clapping with a look of awe on her face. She stepped forward.

“I take back everything I said. That was pretty damn awesome.” She smiled. “Not to mention that was ballsy as hell, since you could’ve brought the roof down on us. Not bad.”

Lana looked away, her mouth threatening to curl up. She had let herself loose again. She had lost her self-control and did something extremely stupid. And yet, this woman was applauding her for her risky work. She couldn’t help it, she smiled.

Leila peered inside the gaping hole in the cave wall. A blast of cold wet air washed over her face, as she stuck her head into the hole. She raised her lantern, filling the room with flickering light. It was a massive room, with towering stalagmites and creeping stalactites. The hole she was peering out of was high above the floor of the newly discovered cavern. The cavern was largely empty, other than a tiny light below in the center of the elephantine room. A small ethereal blue glow flickered in the center of the room, flashing as if beckoning her to come closer.

“Hey Svetlana, come check this out!” Leila called.

“Don’t call me that.” Lana mumbled, as she squeezed next to Leila in the hole. Lana peered around the room, glancing at the enormous rock formations. “And?”

Leila shook her head. “No, not the rocks. Look down there.” She pointed down towards the center of the room.

Lana turned her attention towards the ethereal light below. She raised an eyebrow.

“Okay, you found a light. Whoopdee fucking doo.” She grumbled. “Let’s go.”

Leila rolled her eyes. Without a word, she jumped through the hole.

Lana gaped at Leila, shock crashing through her body. “Doc, what are you doing!?” She called, peering down at the flickering lantern light below.

From the floor below, Leila waved cheerily. “Checking it out! You can come if you want, but I have the lantern by the way!”

Lana groaned, rubbing her face with her claws. With a few curse words uttered under her breath, she leapt in after Leila.
The screeching and chirping of feral jungle fauna was sharp, loud, and clear in Leila’s ears. The thick viscous mud was like quicksand, grabbing and sucking down on her combat boots as she slowly trudged through the thick brush. The mist was warm, like a thick blanket over her face, adding to the perspiration already accumulating on her skin. The thickets of wild and overgrown plants around her were massive, towering over her like skyscrapers in a city. Their massive leaves obscured any hypothetical escape route from the humid feral hell.

She huffed, gasping at the warm air that offered no retreat from the oppressive humidity. Her right hand clenched the handle of her gun tightly, as sweat threatened to slip the weapon from her grasp.

“Damn you Trojan, you and your Arceus damn levitation.” She cursed, wiping her hand on her trousers.

Indeed, the Porygon-Z had disappeared into the brush not too long ago, along with the remainder of her group. Trojan’s levitation left no footprints on the ground, leaving her stranded with no indication of what direction the blasted computer program had gone. Of course, that was not the beginning of her problems. Originally, she was grouped with Trojan, her idiot of a comrade, Svetlana, and some poor rookie Dedenne guardian.

Unfortunately, things had not gone particularly smoothly. The quartet had been attacked by a massive Seviper, a size that was in no way natural. As much as she would have liked to say that everyone made it out alive, saying that would be probably the second biggest lie she would ever tell. The attack by the Seviper was a gruesome ordeal for the remaining three guardians.

She remembered it vividly. The empty stare on the Dedenne’s face as the Seviper slowly squeezed the life out of him. The soft cracking of bones crumbling under the powerful force of the Seviper’s rippling muscles. The slow squelch as the snake slowly slipped the guardian’s dead body into its gaping mouth.

Leila shuddered, shaking her head vigourously. This was not the time to dwell on the dead. She was lost in a feral jungle in a sickening humid environment. Not good.

The gravity of the situation would’ve been a little clearer if the humidity wasn’t dulling down her senses. It was like a thick blanket over her head, suffocating her with warm moist air that offered no comfort. Her thick combat armour did her no favours either. And yet, with all this moisture in the air, she was so thirsty.

She yanked her canteen from her belt, and swirled it around. The sickening silence told her what she feared. Empty, empty, empty. She hung her head, sighing as her dry throat suddenly became painfully obvious to her.

‘No water, no sense of direction, and no communications. I’m dead.’ This thought swirled around in her mind. It did nothing to comfort her; it only weakened her confidence in getting out of this exotic hell alive. She licked her lips, cringing at the dryness of them. She sighed, the mist in front of her swirling around with the movement of her breath. She started off once more. Only the rhythmic sloshing sound of her footsteps in wet mud and chirping wildlife met her ears. No voices. No nothing.
Never before she felt so alone, so isolated, so screwed. And that was not a good thing.

As Leila continued to weave through the thick green flora of the jungle, the mist around her seemed to thicken as she went. The screeching and chirping of the untamed fauna seemed to fade away into silence, as the thickets of green flora in front of her faded into the thickening fog. As Leila continued to trudge through the fog, she felt the cold condensation of water running down her exposed skin.
“It’s quiet. Too quiet.” She muttered. Her low voice seemed to resonate throughout the forest, echoing through the fog. It sounded louder in her ears than she intended.

The silence was nerve-racking. She had no knowledge of what horrors could inhabit this savage land, and the threat of enemy guardians was omnipresent. A chill slithered down her spine, as the thought of being caught by a group of enemies flashed in her mind. Her mind spun; as it flashed sickening images of the enemy bring down pain from the deepest depths of Hell onto her, all for a small bit of information.

She shuddered, shaking her head vigorously. She had to stay on task, that task being not being eaten by a giant Seviper and end up like the late Dedenne.

Leila noted the fact that the fog was now so thick; she could not see her hand a few inches from her face. She spun her head around wildly, trepidation slowly tightening its slimy grasp on her heart. In all directions was the thick curtain of white fog, seemingly stretching infinitely through this massive feral land.

A crack shattered the tense silence, echoing throughout the thick fog. Leila spun around, staring wide-eyed in the direction of the sound. A slimy cold chill slithered down her spine, as her heart pounded in her ears like drums of war. Her lungs seemingly froze, fear icing them over with its icy cold grip.
She tried to breath, but she felt her lungs tighten, as if an icy merciless hand were squeezing them, tighter and tighter. She stood there, frozen, as grotesque images of horrifying feral creatures ran through her mind. Her throat seemed so much dryer than before, like the parched dirt of a desert.
“W-w-who’s there!?” Her voice sounded cracked and broken, like an old record from ages long ago.

The jungle’s response was silence. The fog still persisted, a thick infinite white sheet the only thing her eyes could see. Cool condensation accumulated on her exposed skin, causing her to shiver. Goosebumps ran up and down her arms, as she stared wild-eyed at the unseen source of the sound. She shakily shifted a foot backwards, the wet mud underneath her boots squelching. Her heartbeat quickened, thundering in her ears against the silence of the world around her.

Through the seemingly impenetrable fog, red glowing lights blinked into existance. First there was one, then another flickered into her vision. As the red glowing lights were conjured into her world, icy cold sweat crawled down her neck. She felt her leaf-like ears stand on end, perking up like a deer sensing a predator nearby. She felt her sharp fingernails gouge into the palm of her empty hand, as these glowing eyes glared back at her.

The cold mist of the impenetrable fog stabbed at her eyes like icicles. She felt the deepest recesses of her eyes freeze over. She couldn’t take it. She blinked.

In the brief darkness her eyelids provided her aching eyes, the menacing red eyes disappeared. Leila stared at the spot where the eyes had manifested, her heart pounding in her chest and her gut twisting and writhing inside her.

She swallowed hard, saliva briefly moisturizing her parched throat.

Her hand shook, the gun within its grasp rattling.

Her breath condensed into wisps.

“C-calm down Leila, there’s nothing th-“

A pair of mandibles clicked, sickening green venom slowly sliding down the twitching insect appendages. A creaking series of clicks pounded her ears. Eight menacing red eyes glared into her own, large and bulbous.

The Ariados hissed, spitting green spittle into her face.

She screamed. She didn’t know where she was going, or if it was chasing her. She just ran. One thought ran through mind. ‘Run.’

Her heart pounded. Her lungs ached, her heaving and wheezing painfully clear in her ears. Her legs burned as she sprinted through the thick wood. Her eyes were shut, but yet, through the darkness, she could still see the angry red eyes, unblinking and unwavering. The unholy hissing still rang in her ears, gouging and drilling into them.

She never saw the gaping hole amidst the decaying leaves and roots. With an anguished cry of surprise, she tore through the greying emaciated vines. She fell, the wind rushing through her ears.  As she descended, the light around her faded. Light-bathed rocks turned into black objects hidden in the shadows.

She crashed against the ground, a sickening crack ringing throughout the empty musty darkness. But the crack was not hers. Neither was the anguished scream that rang throughout the emptiness. The ‘ground’ she landed on was also not the painfully solid rock that she expected. There was something unpleasantly familiar about that cry.

“Svetlana, is that you?” Leila asked, panning her eyes through the empty blackness.

There was a moment of silence. Then, a voice, crackled and shattered by pain, rang out in the vast gloom.

“I…I think you broke my arm….”
The bubbling lakes of poison writhe below me; purple viscous bubbles expand and burst like a pot of boiling water. A gurgling sound, low and primal, emanates from the deep depths of the pools, as if it growls for food, for prey. The vegetation that surrounds me is grey, frozen in the cold clutches of time, the life force that once made this land green and alive having been sucked out by the thick leeching poison. A dead land, the trees lying shriveled, the grass grey, the water opaque and toxic. This is Dreath, the land of desolation.

And what I call my home.

My levitation whirs as I slowly maneuver through the thick, dead brush. The sound of rustling leaves meets my ears, as the lifeless leaves brush against my clothes. The brush seems endless as I slowly trudge past. The decaying flora means nothing to me. They are imprinted into my mind, permanently glued to the backdrop of my mind.

I push myself through the last bit of dead flora. I shut my eyes, and hear myself sigh. My nose tingles as I feel the thick, humid air brush through my nostrils. I envision my surroundings, the dead trees towering over me, the crunching of the grey grass beneath my feet. I see a door ahead of me, a yellow metal door that stuck out from the natural scene like me.

I open my eyes. The world around me slowly focuses into clarity, as I feel my artificial eyes pan like camera lenses. It is exactly as I had envisioned. The yellow door was directly in front of me. The trees around me lay dead and forlorn. The grass crunch beneath my boots like leaves in the fall.
I place my hand on the rusted door handle. It is stiffer than I remember. The handle squeaks as I twist it. The door creaks open ominously. I meet the sight of an empty blackness. I can see spores float out the door, and into the dead wilderness. My lips curl up, forming a crude smile.

My artificial voice rings out, foreign in my ears.

“Welcome home Trojan.” My voice rings out.

I take a few steps into the empty blackness. I inhale deeply, the musty cold air filling my lungs. My eyes glow like fireflies as I scan the room. I smile. The walls lay derelict, vines and overgrowth weaving in and out of the many cracks in the wall. Vines dangle from the roof, holes pitting the concrete construction like potholes on a derelict road. There is a gaping hole in the decrepit wall towards my left, scattered light streaming into the room. Spores float about in the room, hovering lazily in place, seemingly waiting for a disturbance to scatter them about. The room is mostly empty. A pair of metal tables remains, rusted and faded. A lone metal chair sits in a far corner, lonely and forgotten.

A small laptop sits on the farther table. It is brand new, its gleaming silver case a blemish against the nature that surrounds it. A small green light on its case blinks in and out, as I slowly hover over to it. I stop at the table, staring down at the conspicuous piece of technology.

My lips curl into a crude smile once more.

I lift my hands, and push up the screen of the laptop. The screen leaps to life, the millions upon millions of pixels awakening for my own uses. I stare into the white screen, like a painter staring at a white canvas, deliberating over his next work. Yes. I am an artist, and this empty world of cyberspace is my canvas.

I raise a hand, and touch a finger onto the screen.

The decrepit surroundings melt away into blackness. The walls, the wines, and even the tables disappear into black emptiness. All that remains is that computer screen. I feel a pulling sensation on my navel. The screen flashes, flashes of blue, green, and red exploding around me. My eyes burn, as the colours seem to imprint themselves into them. I cannot help it, I shut them. Through the blackness of my eyelids, I hear electronics beeps and the sounds of electricity zapping.

Then, silence.

I open my eyes, and I see nothing but white. I see an empty expanse, reaching as far as the eye could see in all directions. The sky and land melds into one colour, a horizon all but invisible. I put a foot forward, deliberately placing it down the force. The slamming sound echoes in the wide expanse, repeating itself over and over again, each time getting softer and softer.

This massive expanse, this empty land, is all mine to control. I can do whatever I please. No laws can govern me here. No authority can rule over my actions. I have the power of gods in my hands.

Perhaps this expanse is a little empty. I snap my fingers. With an explosion of code, a tall tree explodes into existence in front of me. It rises from the ground, bits of binary appearing briefly before the unfamiliar green colour masking it.

My powers do not stop with creating trivial flora. I raise my hand, and thrust my palm at the newly created tree. It ignites, the flames licking at the bark and dissolving the leaves into nothingness. I feel the heat wash over my face. It is soothing, like pressing your face against the sand on a summer beach. I watch as the fire dances over the tree, slowly dissolving it into an ashen corpse.

I stare at my hands. These simple instruments may be trivial in the real world, but in cyberspace, they are bringers of life and instruments of destruction. I can create a civilization bustling with life with the snap of my fingers, and can raze it to the ground with only a thought in my mind. I can create a universe, and rain death on my creations. Here in this world, I am the ruler. I am the god. I define the laws of nature. I define existence itself. This is the place where I can truly feel…important.

Let’s get started shall we?
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Trojan (c) :iconjolteon-of-doom:


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